I want to get a new job and I want to just go out and give out cvs to lots of places or sit down and just apply for like 10 jobs on seek but it just seems like a lot of effort to go to to get completely ignored by and never hear from a lot of potential employers 

Sometimes I think ‘I’m going to wear my hat backwards today and be super hip and ready for any Pokemon battles that may ensue when I leave the house’ but even if I decide it looks okay in the mirror I always end up turning it the right way around once I’m out of the door

bigbowlofcrazysoup replied to your post: “i cry too much”:
Crying is good for you! It releases a lot of tension and is generally better than holding whatever it is that’s bothering you in. All the same, I do hope that you are feeling better now!

Aw ^_^ You’re the best :) I do, I’ve been crying about things other than my own life tonight so it’s okay haha :P

I love Torchwood so much. It’s so so so so so so so so nice to have a show that has a lot of gay and bisexual characters and there are times where that creates plotlines and times where that’s just something that happens on the side and there’s just gay shit going down a lot of the time but also aliens and time travel and gueer aliens and it’s all just amazing and I love it so much and that is my story

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